The Drum’s recent feature ‘Print is dead’ – then why do even the tech giants use it for their apology ads?’ explores the many claims that certain media are ‘dead’ or ‘alive’.

Martin Broad, Head of Communications Insight, Ebiquity|Intel, highlights how this myopic view has caused a big issue for many media, but particularly print;

“There is a disconnect between print’s marketing performance and the perceptions of its performance. Ebiquity’s recent Re-Evaluating Media research found that newspapers’ performance outperforms marketers’ perceptions of it in multiple areas. The study found that, ranked out of 10 media channels, newspapers came second in increasing brand salience (vs eighth in marketers’ minds), third in generating ROI (vs eighth) and third across all attributes (vs seventh). This disconnect is a leading cause of the ‘print is dead’ mindset, and also goes some way to explaining why ads like Facebook’s still feature in print.” 

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First featured 29/03/2018.