Radio Joint Audience Research (Rajar) releases its quarterly results outlining the state of the industry. The figures show that nine out of ten people (88% of the UK population) are reportedly tuned in to live radio each week for an average of 20.4 hours.

Michelle Morgado, director at Ebiquity, said the radio format remains attractive to brands. Saying that:

The four most important attributes of an advertising medium are targeting, return-on-investment, triggering a positive emotional response and building brand salience, all of which radio performs well on despite being under-valued compared to other media lines”.


The growth of in-app and online radio listening is increasingly offering more options for brands in an increasingly burgeoning digital audio industry.

Michelle adds that:

The rise in digital has created a fragmented audio media landscape with many players, such as music streaming services to podcasts, coming to market to get a piece of the pie. Therefore, it’s important that advertisers be aware of what digital audio truly means to their media plans.” And she urged a test-and-learn strategy to see how to optimise spend.


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First featured on 24/10/2019.

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