Digiday’s recent feature ‘Reinventing the wheel: The reality of getting rival agencies to work together’ explores Procter & Gamble’s recent decision to get rival agencies to put aside their differences and collaborate.

Procter & Gambles’s decision to bring rivals from the big agency networks Publicis, WPP and Omnicom together to form a new creative agency has been the talk of the industry this week.

Ebiquity’s Managing Principal – Media Management, Laetitia Zinetti, shares her view on this decision;

There should be no commission model to avoid biased recommendations to the benefit of more content development and media activation. Pritchard’s plan is a very ambitious, and given the state of agencies it will be interesting to see how accommodating they will be. The agency model has to change. But change takes time, and it seems that things will change only if advertisers take the lead. P&G and O2 are pioneers, challenging the market. The changes those advertisers are about to make to their agency models will impact the whole industry.

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First featured 13/04/2018.