Balancing work and family is tricky — regardless of your gender. That said, women in business, especially women in positions of power, are often asked how they manage to balance work and family. Typically, men aren’t asked to answer the same question. And yet men are also parents who have to sort out a schedule for work and family activities — especially if their partner is also working full-time. To get a sense of how men would answer the question of balancing work and family life, Digiday spoke to nine male agency executives.

Jed Meyer, managing director, Ebiquity said:

The beauty of technology is that I can often make it home in time for dinner – and I have found that family dinner goes a long way in staying connected with my teenage daughters. Some work and projects can then get moved to the “second-shift” of email that occurs after dinner. I was impressed (and surprised) when I came to work at Ebiquity that the CEO encouraged people not to email over the weekend. Early on, his [personal assistant] scolded me for emailing on a day off. Those experiences reflect well on the true values that the company espouses.


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First featured on 10/03/2020.

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