A view from Michael Karg, Chief Executive Officer, on how the digital and data revolutions have empowered us to consume the content we want on our terms, has been featured in The Drum.

In this article Michael highlights that despite the always-on digital media ecosystem, and the vast amount of content available, consumers are not suffering from a crisis of attention or information overload. Far from it. Instead, we’re finding great-quality movies, mini-series, and music, and binging on the content that engages us.

Whether brands choose to in-house or out-source, partially or completely depends on the culture and their attitude to innovation. However, both approaches respond to the power that consumers must curate their own media, editorial and commercial communication – and filter out anything that doesn’t satisfy their desire for great content. Quality will out.”


To read the article in full on The Drum, please click here.

First featured on 10/05/2019.

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