The Drum’s recent feature ‘What is the future of TV? Broadcasters, media companies and analysts give their take’ explores what the future holds for television, whereby The Drum spoke with broadcasters, media companies, market researchers and analysts to get their take on this.

Ebiquity’s Head of Media UK, Judith Warn-ford shares her perspective;

In the short-term, TV will continue to be the best medium for generating advertising payback. Content remains crucial and, despite the increasing popularity of box set binging and streamed viewing, live television still delivers the biggest audiences when the content is engaging. Just look at Strictly Come Dancing, The Great British Bake Off or Love Island.

However, advertisers also have to be aware of the fact that viewing is becoming increasingly fragmented and selective, with younger audiences starting to desert the ‘linear’ side of the medium. As the next generation of viewer develops, high quality content that continues to draw in audiences on a mass scale will be essential to success.

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First featured: 23/04/2018