Ebiquity’s Group CEO, Michael Karg, has been featured in ‘W&V Ranking:100 heads 2018′. 

W&V select 100 people from marketing, advertising, and media who set the course in 2017 and who we can expect more from in 2018 / the future. There are 10 people attributed to ten strong categories; Content Manager, Digital Manager, Creative, Media Manager, Marketing Manager, Newcomer, Research / Data Manager, Strategist, Top Manager, Marketer.

Ebiquity’s Michael Karg was featured within the category Research / Data Manager  with the commentary;

Ebiquity boss Michael Karg is committed to more transparency in digital and believes in the triad of content, service and e-commerce.

To see the full list on W&V’s website, please click here. 

First featured 09/01/2017.