Rajar has released its final pre-lockdown results for Q1 2020 – with the figures to serve as the “bedrock” of radio listening data for at least one more quarter due to Covid-19 restrictions on social contact. 

Martin Vinter, analysed the findings saying:

From an audience perspective, these are stellar results for radio. They were also somewhat expected given the current climate. DAB – and digital listening in general – is breathing new life into radio – an existing trend but accelerated by COVID-19. It will be interesting to see if there is a longer-term net positive listening impact once the world reverts to something that resembles normality – and with that, listening patterns normalise, with commuters back in cars and on public transport”.

As with the current advertising sector de facto, the industry-wide advertising slump is hurting radio media owners. As we move towards a much needed inflationary market again, it is key that advertisers remain ‘budget-agile’ and keep a keen eye on opportunities in radio. As the situation unfolds – and we slowly edge towards pre-COVID-19 market conditions – taking advantage of the strong radio value proposition is an attractive one to advertisers big and small.”

To read the article in Mediatel, click here.

First Featured 14/05/2020

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