As appeared on Digiday on 15 February 2023, read here.

Criteo is up for sale, and there’s only one company that keeps coming up as a likely acquirer: The Trade Desk. A deal would give The Trade Desk real skin in the retail media game. But an agreement of this magnitude is also tinged with risk.

The case for the acquisition.

Ruben Schreurs, said:

“On retail media there are huge gains for the Trade Desk not just when it comes to using Criteo technology to enable advertisers to buy sponsored products ads on retailer sites, but also when it comes to audience extension, or when those same retailers allow advertisers to find their customers on third-party sites and apps,” said Ruben Schreurs, group chief product officer at Ebiquity. “The Trade Desk has a dominant position in North America; but Criteo would bring enhanced retail media capabilities, a strong European footprint and powerful complementary delivery infrastructure.”

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