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Google has begun the much-delayed process of eliminating third-party cookies from its Chrome browser, a deprecation that it plans to complete by the end of 2024.

Since Chrome has a 65% share of the global browser marketplace, this is a substantial change that the advertising industry must adapt to.  

To help marketers on their cookieless journey, this video will unpack why cookies are being deprecated, the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives on offer and potential knock-on effects of cookie deprecation to consider. The episode covers: 

  • What is a third-party cookie? 
  • What are the main functions of the third-party cookie? 
  • Why is the third-party cookie being deprecated? 
  • What’s behind Chrome’s delay of cookie depreciation and why has it taken so long for alternatives to be developed, tested and adopted? 

Third-party cookies have for many years played a central role in the targeting, measurement and attribution of online advertising. Moving to an alternative targeting and measurement paradigm is a philosophical, economical and technical challenge.  

Watch below the full episode that features our Travis Lusk, Group Director of digital media and ad tech, North America, Ebiquity.


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