Unveiling 2024: Key insights into global advertisers media budget

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The 2024 media budget survey reveals a market poised for strategic realignment in the face of economic uncertainty. Amidst a challenging environment, major brands are demonstrating a commitment to adapt, with an increased focus on strategic brand advertising over pure performance metrics.

This year’s study not only reflects spending patterns, but also delves into the strategic initiatives advertisers are taking to navigate and mitigate the barriers to growth.

Key decision-makers from across the globe, responsible for directing more than $50Bn in annual advertising spend, have contributed to this year’s insights.


  • A notable 60% of advertisers anticipate a rise in media budgets, up from 29% in previous year's survey
  • Shifting gears towards brand advertising, with 35% looking to enhance their branding investment - up from 21%
  • Sustainability and CO2 reduction are increasingly factored into media planning

Once again this annual survey of major advertisers reveals fascinating insights into future investment intentions. With 60% of respondents planning to increase advertising budgets we see a level of confidence that seems contradictory to the prevailing economic outlook. This is supported by 35% saying they will increase share of branding investments versus performance, a significant shift from this time last year, and a rise in those confirming an increase in the share of up-front commitments. With advertising typically seen as a two-quarter leading indicator of the wider economy does this signify a recovery coming in mid-2024?

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This year’s insights underscore the advertising sector’s ability to persist and adapt, signaling an industry prepared for emerging trends as it anticipates a shift in economic fortunes. The data suggests advertisers are gearing up for 2024 with a fortified, brand-centric advertising strategy, suggestive of an industry on the cusp of a recovery.

  • Confidence in advertising budgets persists, indicating a potential economic rebound
  • The respondents included 4 of the world’s top 10 advertisers
  • 92 participants from multinational advertisers

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// What we want to investigate and why


The annual survey conducted by the WFA and Ebiquity seeks to reveal the strategic planning and budgetary intent of global advertising leaders.

In this edition, we assess budgeting strategies amidst fluctuating economic conditions and investigate how advertisers are tackling prominent media challenges that could hinder growth.

  • Trend towards video investments as Linear TV feels the squeeze.
  • A strategic response to economic pressures by advertisers.
  • The practice of routinely reviewing media in/exclusion lists has become a standard.
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