Ebiquity plc releases the Belgian edition of the “Re-evaluating Media” study

by Ebiquity Marketing
Friday, August 30, 2019

Ebiquity plc, Brussels – August 29th, 2019 – Today, Ebiquity announces the release of the Belgian edition of the “Re-evaluating Media” study, which was first produced in 2018 for the UK market.

In 2019, the Belgian Association of Audio-Visual Media (VIA, formerly ABMA-BVAM) commissioned Ebiquity to repeat the UK study for the Belgian market, which was produced and realised in collaboration with Echo Research and UBA.

The Belgian study, based on a survey conducted with UBA, involved over 100 marketeers and media specialists who were asked what attributes of media matter the most in order to deliver a campaign that grows the business in the long term, and their own opinion and experience about the worth of media.

The findings have shown a fundamental difference between the advertiser perception and the evidence. In the perception of advertisers and agencies, social media and online video perform best on the combined attributes, followed by radio and TV. Whereas, when looking at the evidence from more than 140 studies, TV and radio are the best performing media, while online video and online display are the weakest performers.

Furthermore, the results also indicate that targetability stands out as the media attribute considered the most important for longer-term business growth, while the ability to increase brand consideration and to trigger a positive emotional response are the second and third most important attributes.

Targetability has grown its importance in this Belgium edition versus the 2018 UK survey. This could be a sign of the growing importance of this attribute apart from local intrinsic market elements.

Nathalie Taboch, General Manager Ebiquity France & Belgium said:

In a diverse market like Belgium, where advertisers are facing not only the challenges of rapid digitalisation but also a highly segmented media landscape, targetability has grown and shown its importance, today more than ever. It is no surprise that digital media perform exceptionally well in this respect. It is important for advertisers to Re-evaluate the media mix for brand building, broader reach, and to achieve the most effective campaign.”

In general, traditional media are undervalued by advertisers. There is a clear disconnection between the level of investment in digital media in the Belgian market and the value it delivers. Re-evaluating the media mix could help advertisers achieve better long-term growth.

Chris Van Roey, CEO of UBA said:

The UK study already caught our interest. To have the results based on Belgian evidence and based on the opinion of our members (advertisers) is of course even better. It gives the right insights to come to the optimal media mix for advertising effectiveness.”



The study was presented in première at the UBA Media Date on August 29, and also at the CommPass Symposium “Judging the Evidence” on September 5, 2019. (www.commpass.media)

The full survey, with all the sources of evidence listed and the scores that were derived, is downloadable at www.ebiquity.com,www.ubabelgium.be, and www.viabelgium.media.