Final results of the Payback Australia study were presented at ThinkTV’s annual marketing forum, ReThinkTV on 14th September 2017. Results from newly examined E-commerce and Finance brands were combined with our FMCG and Automotive numbers to provide some insights into advertising payback across all 21 brands in the study.

The headline finding was that advertising pays back. Brands in all four categories, on average, benefitted from a positive return on their media investments.

Regardless of category, on average, advertising pays back

The Automotive industry has quite the advantage over the other categories, delivering almost $6 for every $1 invested in media.

Media channel efficiency across all 21 participants (indexed to TV ROI)

Overall media efficiency highlighted TV as the clear winner at almost twice the efficiency of the next most efficient channels, Search and Radio and roughly five times more efficient than OOH, Online Video and Online Display.

Media channel efficiency within each category varies though and this is where advertisers should focus their attention. For FMCG, Automotive & Finance the efficiency ranking of media channels was relatively consistent for all brands within their category e.g. where TV was the highest performer for the Automotive category, that was also the case for each of the four automotive brands. TV lead the way as the most efficient media channel for all three categories.

However, our E-Commerce participants operated in 3 different industry types – Travel & Tourism, Online Dating and Comparison Services. Results for each media channel were more unique to each individual business.

FMCG and Automotive ROIs by media channel

E-Commerce and Finance ROIs by media channel

Search played a key role for two of our E-Commerce participants and in both cases, we found that other paid advertising boosted search traffic. Our four Finance participants, on average, spent a quarter of their media budgets on Online Display. With an ROI of just 40 cents on the dollar, we advised Finance brands to re-evaluate their level of Online Display investment.

Ebiquity’s results were delivered by Richard Basil-Jones, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at The Big Top, Luna Park. Over 1,000 media and marketing professionals attended the event, including advertisers, agencies, media owners and journalists.

Richard Basil-Jones presenting the final industry report in Luna Park

“We know from the World Federation of Advertisers’ survey earlier this year that one of the most pressing issues for CMOs is the ability to measure business outcomes in an increasingly complex and fragmenting media and marketing landscape.”
Richard Basil-Jones

The presentation concluded with an important final message – Not all advertising is equal. Measuring business outcomes is critical for all advertisers.

Over the next month, Ebiquity will be providing the latest seven participants with their individual brand reports. These will provide a deep dive into the brand’s specific media performance, highlighting areas to focus attention and suggesting next steps to help improve advertising performance.

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