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Secure Better Value

We are a data-driven solutions company helping brand owners drive efficiency and effectiveness from their media spend, eliminating wastage and creating value. Ebiquity’s expert team of global and local market media specialists help advertisers set the right guidelines and rules for what media they buy and how they buy it, no matter the sector, market, or channel.

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Maximise your
media investment returns

In the increasingly-complex media ecosystem, advertisers are looking to enhance performance, maximise value, and generate savings.

Our expert team of global and local market media specialists help you to maximise returns on your media investments, improving your business outcomes.

Ebiquity - Maximise media investment returns
// Eliminate Wastage

Identify inefficiencies

In the ever-changing media marketplace, brands need to identify inefficiencies, eliminate wastage, and improve suitability.

We provide visibility and transparency into all aspects of your media buying – the what, the why, the how, and the where.

// Drive Value

Unlock opportunities

Advertisers need to secure better ROI from their media spend today, to unlock opportunities and drive value for tomorrow.

We help you put in place evidence-based governance guidelines by which you can hold your agency partners to account and develop long-term partnerships to mutual benefit.

Ebiquity - Unlock opportunities better ROI
// Drive Efficiency

How can you improve your
media performance?

Tracking agency commitments - Ebiquity will manage the tracking of agency value commitments and the validating of savings whilst identifying risks and opportunities to optimise media investment.

We use a clear and centralised process to manage media performance tracking. ValueTrack™, powered by GMP365™ (a technology-enabled platform), provides a holistic view of your global media agency value performance across all media, in one place.

Our ValueTrack™ product increases accountability from agency partners by implementing a globally robust and consistent approach to measurement ensuring better media value outcomes. 

Benchmarking media investments against a range of metrics to understand your effective position relative to the market, enhancing and informing your media strategy to secure better value.

Driving best practice across media channels to maximise value, delivering better business outcomes.

Ebiquity - Media Performance
// Media Performance at Ebiquity

Our Expertise

  • We analyse $100bn+ of media investment globally, including trillions of media impressions, giving us the most comprehensive, independent view of global media trends

Advising advertisers on global media performance demands that we deploy automation technology capable of pulling huge volumes of data in near real time. This makes the complex straightforward, giving you scaled, granular data all in one place.

  • In 2022, we identified 21% of value improvement for our clients, worth a combined total of more than $1bn in digital media spend

Media spend often represents the single biggest line item in a brand’s marketing investment. By identifying value improvement, we help advertisers improve their business performance.

  • We cover 80% of the world’s global media spend with media experts and specialists with local knowledge on the ground
  • We work in partnership with all the major players in the market – media agencies, and tech suppliers, global and national trade bodies
Having the most comprehensive view of the global media ecosystem – across all major markets and all media channels – we see common issues, pitfalls, and areas of waste every day. This is how we help advertisers set the right guidelines and rules for what media they buy and how they buy it, no matter the sector, market, or channel.
$ Bn

In 2022, we identified 21% of value improvement worth more than 1 $ Bn in digital media spend

1 $ Bn

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We provide Actionable recommendations
through four Service Lines

Media Management

Optimising media models, processes, data and technology strategies to achieve business objectives

Media Performance

Greater transparency, governance, efficiency, and accountability of media investments

Marketing Effectiveness

Attribute, forecast and optimise investments to increase business outcomes and ROI

Contract Compliance

Ensure financial and service delivery compliance as contractually agreed. Returning value owed