Are your advertising dollars being wasted on “Made for Advertising” (MFA) sites without your knowledge?

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Made-for-advertising sites are like rabbit holes!

The recent Adalytics study has sent shockwaves through the industry. The findings were nothing short of alarming! Despite widespread assumptions of minimal exposure to “Made for Advertising” (MFA) sites, the reality was starkly different. Are you tired of seeing your advertising dollars go to waste on “Made for Advertising” websites? Adalytics has uncovered shocking truths about the extent of this problem, and it’s time for advertisers to take action.

These platforms are designed primarily for arbitrage, featuring low-quality content and an excessive density of ad placements. Despite industry efforts to combat such deceptive practices, the Adalytics study found that 94% of major listed brands, including Fortune 500 companies, continue to have their ads served on MFA sites, both programmatically and through other channels.

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At Ebiquity, we’re committed to empowering advertisers with actionable insights to optimize their ad spend and protect their brand reputation. We have partnered with Jounce, the leading provider of MFA lists, to help advertisers track exposure to MFA and eliminate this waste. Our comprehensive analyses shed light on hidden costs and reveal opportunities for enhanced efficiency and efficacy in advertising strategies.

Don’t let your advertising budget fall victim to deceptive practices. Partner with Ebiquity today and gain clarity and confidence in your media placements. Uncover the truth behind your ad spend.


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