Speculation is growing that Netflix will launch a lower-cost subscription tier that is supported by advertising.

In March, Disney announced that they would be launching an ad-supported tier, joining other providers such as Now TV in the UK and Hulu in the USA. While many viewers will be disappointed with this trend, more choice is ultimately good for consumers if it leads to a more sustainable ad-funded streaming model for content.

With the fragmentation of the streaming market in an economic downturn, households will take a ‘portfolio’ approach to blending ad-funded streaming, ad-free and hybrid services.

This means media plans will get more complex, and measurement will be more important than ever.

Ebiquity is ready to help with a suite of solutions:

  • Our Media Mix Modelling (MMM) product is enjoying growth as we ingest richer data and as privacy restrictions have scuppered solutions based on consumer tracking.
  • Ebiquity offers a market leading Geotesting solution. Tools built for optimising PPC, and Social tests have been repurposed for measuring Connected TV ROI.
  • Our new Panorama partnerships can help measure reach incrementality, visual attention, and targeting accuracy for many media lines. This service is offered in partnership with Lumen, System1, and Audience Project.
  • Our Advanced TV solution will accelerate the effectiveness and efficiency of your advanced TV activity, including CTV, to reduce wastage and fraud.

Please contact Michelle Morgado or Nic Pietersma to find out more.

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