Briefing for Effectiveness: A Simple Best Practice Guide

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Do you struggle with incorporating measurement and effectiveness into your creative, media, or annual budget planning briefs? This document sets out some simple guides and practical steps with the aim of setting all parties up for measurement success through the briefing process. 


  • Achieving alignment of the brief objectives
  • Embedding a briefing engagement process
  • Getting the brief metrics and measures right
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The need for a simple framework

At Ebiquity, we understand the importance of driving effectiveness and measurement into the heart of every briefing process. That’s why we partnered with ISBA and their Insight & Effectiveness group to tackle this challenge head-on. 

Our collaboration identified consistent themes and challenges, highlighting the critical need for a simple framework and process to ensure that measurement and effectiveness are considered from the outset of every brief. 

Through our partnership, we’ve developed a set of frameworks and processes that can be seamlessly integrated into your business, empowering you to create briefs that prioritize effectiveness and measurement. 


  • Frameworks and processes that can be integrated into your business
  • Prioritize effectiveness and measurement
  • Implement outputs
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