Ebiquity, the global leader in media investment analytics, now also relies on AdScanner data to provide independent data-driven media investment advice to its clients’ TV advertising. Ebiquity works with 70 of the top 100 global advertisers to perfect their media investments across all channels and, as a result, improve their business results.

AdScanner, provides full-stack addressable TV ecosystems and leads the way to setting a world standard in data-driven TV advertising. They are currently active in five European countries and have been involved in Germany since 2021 as a specialist for analyzing TV advertising content on a broad data basis. To this end, video data is combined with proprietary technologies for analysis and usage-based Big Data algorithms. AdScanner automatically detects TV campaigns, for example, and generates performance values and target group analyses in parallel.

In Germany, this happens in cooperation with Vodafone – thus, for the first time, it offers the possibility to examine the TV advertising usage behaviour of about one million Vodafone households in an intuitive tool down to the second.

As a leader in media investment analysis, Ebiquity relies on AdScanner’s data for precisely this reason: second-by-second analysis on a broad data basis, increase transparency for ongoing TV advertising campaigns on the day after broadcast – at the spot level. And other valuable insights that AdScanner can deliver.

Stefan Uhl, Ebiquity Germany: “We are always looking for new data that can enrich and optimize our consulting services. Adscanner is a highly exciting addition to the data available in the market. It provides insights for new strategic approaches in a seemingly out-optimized medium, which we are already discussing with the first customers. Furthermore, our own access to the data enables us to create many valuable analyses for our consulting mandates.”

Marc Heimeier, Group Leader Strategic Journey Planning & Media at Vodafone: “The partnership between Adscanner and Ebiquity significantly improves the framework for advertisers to conduct audits. As an advertiser, we can now, for the first time, have a wide variety of cost and quality parameters examined for second-by-second reach and thus initiate optimizations.”

Marin Curkovic, CEO of AdScanner: “It is enormously important for us to work closely with stakeholders from all market categories: advertisers, agencies, marketers, platforms – and auditors. Auditors are an important link, indispensable as confirmation of our broad market acceptance and relevance. We are proud to be able to name Ebiquity, the world market leader in this segment, as our partner – we are already looking forward to our joint projects.”

Media agencies and advertisers will benefit immensely from this collaboration.

For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Stefan Uhl.

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