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Our CSO, Ruben Schreurs, was recently quoted by VideoWeek regarding the newly released YouTube advertising report by the research firm, Adalytics.

According to the report, TrueView could be inadvertently collecting and sharing millions of children’s data via kids’ YouTube videos which serves up ads based on the content they have been watching.  

This may have also resulted in wasted ad spend for media brands and their agencies due to keyword exclusion lists not being effective in preventing ads from appearing on kids’ content, despite YouTube advertising previously stating they do run personalised ads on ‘made for kids’ videos.  

“Advertisers rely on the efficacy of the tools and systems operated by Google to help them prevent inadvertent misuse of data and/or targeting of children in their advertising campaigns on YouTube; in many categories even bound by regulations with severe penalties and reputational risk in case of non-compliance, such as for advertisers of products in the alcoholic beverages or sugary product categories. The alleged shortcoming of YouTube advertising in this regard as outlined in the Adalytics study, if true, is concerning. We look forward to Google’s response on the matter and hope any technical issues will swiftly be resolved to ensure children are appropriately protected when engaging with content on YouTube.”

Ruben Schreurs, Ebiquity’s CSO

The report was published just weeks after the previously released Analytics Google Advertising study that found TrueView to be wasting billions of dollars of Google ad spend. 

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