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Ensure Agency Compliance

Ebiquity’s contract compliance service is provided by FirmDecisions.

FirmDecisions audit experts provide expert-led recommendations on how to optimise your agency relationships based on the audit’s findings. From financial returns which improve the bottom line to actionable insights that serve to shape the ongoing agency relationship, we are a tried-and-tested partner for many of the world’s leading advertisers.

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In the ever-evolving marketing ecosystem, advertisers are looking for transparency and accountability in agency investment management.

We provide unparalleled experience in financial contract compliance with more than 25 years’ experience and 55 staff dedicated to delivering audits, specifically of marketing agencies.

Ebiquity - Lock agency accountability
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Ensure Compliance

Advertisers need to be confident that their corporate interests are protected and that their marketing investment delivers maximum ROI.

Our Contract Compliance audits identify any risks in the contract by stress-testing agency adherence to the terms. This can be particularly important with a new agency relationship, where expectations may differ between advertiser and agency. It’s also vital in long-standing relationships, where we help to ensure compliance or bad habits on either side haven’t set in – and eradicate them if they have. It’s also critical at the end of contractual relationships, tying up any financial loose ends.

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Optimise your
Agency Relationships

As marketing channels continue to fragment, the reliance on agencies and their specialist knowledge increases. As a result, procurement and marketing teams need to continually improve working practices with their agency partners to get the maximum benefit from the relationship.

We are marketing audit experts, not audit generalists. We specialise exclusively in compliance of marketing agency contracts, undertaking audits in all areas of spend. These include: media, creative/production, sponsorship, digital services, influencer, e-commerce, field-force, call-centres, and more. This enables us to provide expert-led recommendations on how to optimise your agency relationships based on the audit’s findings.

Ebiquity - Optimise agency relationships
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How can advertisers ensure financial and operational transparency in their agency relationship?

  • Undertaking a Contract Compliance Audit will ensure the correct stewardship of your advertising investment by your chosen agency. It will test the implementation of the agreed contract and identify opportunities for improvements in the commercial relationship you have with agency partners.
  • Performing an Exit Audit when an agency relationship is terminated provides a clean break, with none of your advertising investment left behind and nothing left owing to the agency. This can include rebates, unbilled media, unreconciled balances, and credit notes.
Ebiquity - Contract Compliance
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Our Expertise

  • $60bn of marketing spend audited annually
  • 55+ staff focused on delivering audits – not in back office roles

According to the World Federation of Advertisers, we are the world’s largest independent compliance auditor of marketing agencies. As market leaders, we work exclusively in compliance of media and marketing agency contracts. Our expert team includes qualified accountants, former agency finance and management staff, procurement and brand marketing leads. We work with independent agencies and within agency holding groups. In fact, almost nine in ten of our audits are of agencies in the top five holding companies.

  • More than 8,000 audits completed in 104 markets
  • 16 offices in 14 countries around the world

With experienced auditors (not just client service teams) on every continent, we are best placed to keep up-to-date with market developments and evolving agency trading mechanisms. We build strong, working relationships with local, regional and global agency teams to ensure a smooth audit process for advertisers.

  • 500 active local, regional and global clients in Marketing, Media, and Procurement

Many of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years because of the tangible value in the service we provide. From financial returns which improve the bottom line to actionable insights that serve to shape the ongoing agency relationship, we are a tried-and-tested partner for many of the world’s leading advertisers.

$ Bn
Audited annually

More than 60 $ Bn of marketing spend audited annually

60 $ Bn

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We provide Actionable recommendations
through four Service Lines

Media Management

Optimising media models, processes, data and technology strategies to achieve business objectives

Media Performance

Greater transparency, governance, efficiency, and accountability of media investments

Marketing Effectiveness

Attribute, forecast and optimise investments to increase business outcomes and ROI

Contract Compliance

Ensure financial and service delivery compliance as contractually agreed. Returning value owed