Brand trust in advertising ecosystem is deteriorating, as concerns over transparency continue to erode the long-term business partnerships.

A new (January 2019) study conducted by the USA’s Association of National Advertisers (ANA) revealed that only 29% of their 400-plus member marketers surveyed ranked the current level of trust between client-side marketers and advertising agencies as “high.”

In response to the new study, the trade organization has formed a new ANA Trust Consortium intended to help its members address the issue of trust between marketers and the digital supply chain.

Ebiquity and FirmDecisions are happy to be founding members of the Trust Consortium.


Stephen Broderick, CEO, FirmDecisions said “Transparency is at the core of the FirmDecisions business, and is a common denominator across all long-term business partnerships. Trust and transparency issues have surfaced increasingly over the past several years, so we are pleased to support the ANA New Trust Consortium in restoring trust between Marketers and the Digital Supply Chain.”

Michael Karg, CEO, Ebiquity said “Ebiquity helps clients identify the best potential partners and manage their agency relationships for success. Part of this process involves helping clients and agencies to work more smartly together and hence improving trust. So we are delighted to bring this experience to the ANA Trust Consortium table.”

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